JDT Advanced Driving Systems


Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia
Crash Avoidance training range – Kennesaw, GA
Close Quarter Maneuvering range – Woodstock, & Roswell GA
Conference Center – Canton, GA
Training Centers – Marietta, GA
  • Industry Specific Customized Driving Courses
  • Driver Evaluations and Reports
  • On-site Training
  • Outsource Driver Training
  • Specialized Vehicle Training and towing cargo and equipment trailers
  • Fleet Safety
  • Vehicle Monitoring and Tracking

JDT Advanced Awards

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Advanced Driver Training – Defensive Driving – Crash Avoidance – Behind the Wheel Driving Skills -
Close Quarter Maneuvers – Towing - Precision Steering and Braking Techniques – Skid prevention Vehicle Control. Driver Training, Driver Evaluations - Training provided for all US based corporations
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