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In 1952 the foundations of the methodologies used today in JDT Advanced Driving Systems (R.O.A.D.S.(C) ) were started by Dan Smit, original owner of a driver training school in South Africa. From his early beginnings as a fire fighter, police officer and driver trainer for emergency vehicles, Dan's passion for driver safety Advanced Driver Training Companyled him to open the first, professional driver training school of its kind in the country. His legacy continued with his daughter, Melody, who brought these concepts to the US in 2006 with Just Driver Training.

We strongly believe in practical, behind the wheel training. Individuals perceive the driving environment differently and base decisions on education, experience and perception. At JDT ADVANCED DRIVING SYSTEMS, we focus on experiential learning with positive reinforcement which takes experienced drivers to the next level of driver awareness and safety. Research has shown that individuals in stressful situations tend to fall back on training, rather than rising to the occasion. Training is everything and prepares the individual at both a conscious and subconscious level for driving in the 21st century. Driving is about the skill of the driver and not about the type of vehicle used.


Driver Trainers and Administration Staff

JDT Advanced Driving Systems is backed by a team of dedicated, experienced individuals who have a passion for the industry of driver safety and training.

Graham Gullet - JDT Advanced Driving President and CEOGraham D. Gullett, President and CEO

Experience: Graham Gullett served in the SA Military, training drivers in the field for various types of terrain and driving conditions. As an executive board member of SAIDI, he promoted driver safety and awareness on a national level. He contracted with BMW as a Training Expert for their Train the Trainer program in Defensive Driving, Skid Control and Racing Programs.

Mr. Gullett worked with two large US owned commercial trucking lines, mentoring new drivers in inclement weather and snow driving techniques. He is a Master Trainer in backing and maneuvering techniques for tractor trailers and has implemented the JDT Fleet Management System for both small and medium size businesses. Mr. Gullett provides driver evaluations and corrective driver training programs for corporations hiring new drivers.

He has traveled extensively abroad and researched driver behavior and various driver training programs offered in different countries. He was responsible for the defensive driver training for security details for foreign dignitaries.

Education and qualifications:
Driver Education, Business Management, Class A CDL with full endorsements. Certified Driver Trainer

Melody Smit-Gullet - JDT Advanced Driving Vice President of TrainingMelody Smit-Gullett, Vice President of Training

Experience: Melody Smit-Gullett has experience in organizational management, human resources and training. She develops driver training courses for multifaceted types of businesses and understands the key elements that change driver behavior, defensive driving and safety behind the wheel. Melody is the founder of the Driver Education Foundation of America and has over 30 years of experience in driver safety.

Education and qualifications:
Driver Rehabilitation Specialist, Physical and Occupational therapy. Certified Driver Trainer

Karl Logan

Karl has over 22 years of experience in education and driver safety. He implemented online driver education as a tool for classroom teachers and consulted with a number of school districts on different entities surrounding traffic safety education in several states as a driver education specialist. He has served on the boards of a number of national traffic safety organizations and his strengths are in communication, implementation and administration of online and e-learning solutions in safety training methodologies.

Qualifications: BS. Ed. Western Carolina University. NCDMV Examiner

Thomas Parks

Tom graduated from Virginia Tech and jointed the Air Force. He completed pilot training and flew the HC 130 rescue aircraft. He flew combat missions in Vietnam and served in the Air Force and Air National Guard for 23 years. He flew jets for Eastern Airlines and United Airlines. He currently instructs new pilots for Delta and is a certified Driver Trainer.



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